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About Winger Travel

Lew and Wendy Winger founded Winger Travel Agency in 1985. While they do all the 'normal' activities of most travel agencies, they specialize in small, deluxe group tours to various destinations, both domestically and internationally, three to four times per year. Each tour is hosted by a member of their staff who travels with the group from start to finish - whether it is a land-based tour or a cruise or a combination of both. There is a tour in the fall of each year, one or two during the winter months, and one or two in the spring.

Lew Winger

Lew has a Masters Degree in International Marketing and worked for several years for a large multi-national corporation in various countries in Europe and Africa. His love of travel has led him to host dozens of groups to many different countries on six of the major continents: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. When not leading groups, Lew can be found on the golf course! Lew and Wendy split their time between Nantucket, MA and Vero Beach, FL.

Wendy Winger

Wendy graduated from Roanoke College and pursued a tennis career after meeting Lew in Switzerland where they worked during their college summers. Wendy is now an avid golfer. Her second hobby is photography and this passion has led her to enter many of her photographs in art shows in Massachusetts, Alabama, and Florida. Wendy assists Lew with many of the group tours.